Digital Photography

by Paul Farrier

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Ryman in Nashville

The Ryman, being not so photogenic, is typically shot from this angle. I used PC on this. Had I stayed with the wide angle shot with all the distortion, the building would look even larger than it is.

What is PC? It is perspective or proportional control. Before digital, it was either done with a PC Lens that would offset the angle of the lens to film plane or it was done in the lab by offsetting the angle of enlarger. Now it can be done on the computer.

It is commonly used by photographers who shoot for architects to give a more realistic representation of the building.

Windows on the north side of the Ryman are a trow back to stained glass windows of the 1950's.

In contrast, here is the new visitor center in Nashville. It appears they were trying very hard to get away from PC even in their design. "Let's build something that changes shape, creates a new reality, with every change of angle."

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