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by Paul Farrier

Monday, April 27, 2009

More stops along the Trace

I left Clarksville on Sunday around noon, and I wanted to reach Tupelo by the evening. There I would spend the evening and arive in Amory on Monday morning. As I left the Parks family in Clarksville, Mona mentioned how much she liked photographic prints of waterfalls, nature scenes, and wildlife. Because they graciously had me in their home, I had in mind then to search for a print or create a new photograph for them. Now I am very happy to have found one that I think will please them. It will be a vertical panorama of one of the falls I stopped to see that same afternoon.
I traveled straight south following Tennesse State Routes 48, then 46, and then 7 until I found an entrance to the Natchez Trace Parkway near Santa Fe, Tennessee.
Below are a representation of several of the images that I created from scenes along the way. We will have to wait until I get home for me to work with it in photoshop. These are are not tweeked - but I think some may enjoy seeing them.

It is not hard for me to imagine folks traveling through here just 200 years ago. This is old road bed which sunk a little more every time a traveler past through. Paths are created when the soil is compacted by beast, man, or wagon. Here a rut was formed about 7 feet wide and about 2 feet deep. It is a remnant of what once was, not so very long ago.

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