Digital Photography

by Paul Farrier

Sunday, May 18, 2008

America's Packard Museum

In Dayton, Ohio which is not known for cars but for Aeronautics, is the Citizen's Motor Car Company which was originally a Packard dealership. It has been for the past couple of decades the home of America's Packard Museum.

I have volunteered to photograph many of the artifacts and contribute to preserve the history of what use to be one of America's finest automobiles.

My father owned Packards. The last one he owned was a 1956 Packard 400, very similar to this 1955 Packard I photographed a few years back.

I have installed a little slide show so you can see some of my favoite photos I've taken at the Museum to the right of the blog. If you double-click on the slide show, it will open up and enlarge. If you would like any prints - please let me know and I'll fix you up.