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by Paul Farrier

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Photos to be published in LIMITED PRINTS

by Paul Farrier

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I am in the process of selecting some of my best images for publishing in a book. When I select an image I make changes and adjustments to make unique and more interesting. I offer single, one of a kind, prints through my store at If you like, please visit my store to view others I have selected to be published.

When the book is published, anyone who has purchased a print will be listed in the book as the owner along side the image in the book along with the description.

Here are some that I just added to the collection.

Inspired by some incredible artistic work by John Agnew, I took advantage of a nature walk through a Cypress Swamp that is conveniently located along the Natchez Trace in Mississippi. I also photographed some wildlife while there. You can see those photos from earlier postings to this blog.

This is a panoramic image created by stitching 4 photos together. I would suggest that this be printed to 24 - 30 inches long to get the full effect and still maintain excellent quality.

More cypress knees. I boosted the color and the sharpness of this photo, and did a couple of things with the certain colors to attract the eye.

Also, while in historic Vicksburg, Mississippi, I had just a little time to create some images. Although this building is not typical, it does represent a richness in the culture through some of its architecture. Although the colors in this image were also very attractive - producing a black & white print makes it more dramatic and suitable for framing and hanging on any wall.

I'll be returning to Vicksburg soon and hope to take in more of the sites while conducting business in nearby Jackson, Mississippi.

Paul Farrier © 2009


Roxanne F said...

I like this picture a lot!

Anonymous said...

Are a couple of these pictures from Florida when we were in the park at Mount Dora?