Digital Photography

by Paul Farrier

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pick 4 - 4874

Two image files answered to the search of 4874. (The number was chosen at One is of a young lady at a picnic in July of 2006 and the other is an historic building in Chillicothe, Ohio. There is a poetic contrast between the two images with the same file name.

Even from my beginnings in photography in the 1960's as a teen, looking for something to photograph was teaching me to see. It was not only teaching me how to see but also how to feel. It was teaching me to question what I saw and to try different perspectives.

In the case of the photo here of an historic building in Chillicothe, the original file was not properly composed, and appeared to be taken in haste. It was not a very good 2 dimensional representation of the subject. I had to change the roll of the image and remove the color. The color rendition looked dynamic and alive. The building is actually abandoned and looks like it has been waiting a long - long time for restoration. Removing the color makes it look more dramatic more closely resembling the reality.

When I take photos of people at functions, I prefer to catch their natural expressions. When folks know someone is taking their photo they often change. Catching someones most attractive features is difficult. What ever expression is naturally in their eyes is lost when the expression of fear or self-consciousness takes over.

Candace did not know I was taking her picture - and I believe I caught the peaceful look she usually wears. It is part of what makes her so beautiful.

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