Digital Photography

by Paul Farrier

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm back

I'm back in the saddle again...

Hey, I was just down in Chillicothe, Ohio this past Saturday night and Sunday. I wanted to catch a meal there a the smokehouse on Water Street, but we got there after 10:00 PM and the kitchen was closed. (If I owned a place, I would never turn someone down who was looking for food. I might have a very limited menu, but I'd feed them something.)

So we went to Max & Erma's. That's a good restaurant chain that started in the German Village District of Columbus, Ohio back in the early 70's. They became more sophisticated as they grew, keeping pace with the changes and have always served really good food. We had a good time at the one off Bridge Street just north of downtown Chillicothe.

Early, the first day of the week, we got up early and drove back down off of Carlisle Hill and into the First Capitol District of Chillicothe. I toured the area alone as Roxanne stayed in the motorhome and read. I took a number of pictures and I thought you may want to see this one.

This is Ross County Courhouse. My "wide angle" lense is not sufficently side angle to get this picture so I had to take it two shots. The lower half, and the upper half. They are stitched together. When we get the money, and when Roxanne let's me, I'll be purchasing a newer lense, with a "wide angle" that suits a SLR digital.

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