Digital Photography

by Paul Farrier

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wet Tracks

It is important to be on the right track AND going the right direction. That is all.

Now - the photo.

This was taken just south of Tipp City, Ohio on obviously a dreary day. I went to Tipp City to work on my Smallvilletonberg project. It started raining so I went in a tavern. You can get a feel for the community as you listen to folks talk about the latest news (which for Tipp isn't too good today), sports, some political figures, and their ideas on human and racial relations.

Then I left and drove south along the old Miami Erie Canal. I turned right on Evanston Road and stopped at the tracks. It stopped raining momentarily so I got out and took a couple of dozen photos.

I tweeked this one with Photoshop. On the color version the grass became just a bit greener, the light-brown buds became a little brighter, and the dark woody bushes were brightened to give a little more detail. Of course, then I changed it to Black & White, brightened it just a tad and treated the contrast the same.

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