Digital Photography

by Paul Farrier

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"S" Bridge

The "S" Bridges on National Road were built before 1850. They were built with stone and mortar with a stone and mortar arched conduit, then earth filled and compacted on which the road was laid.

Why the "S"?

With the technology of the time, they could not build a bridge over a stream without it being perpendicular. When the National Road crossed a stream at an angle off of square, adjustments had to be made. So the bridges took the shape of an "S".

Or, maybe some architect got ahold of the plans - and wanted something a bit different.

This photo was taken on Feb 18 - a stormy winter day near New Concord, Ohio. The dark gray-blue winter storm clouds are a bit enhanced. The stone varies from gray to tan, and I highlighted the tan to give it more depth and color. There were some wires hanging low that were polluting the scene and I digitally removed them. This was cropped as well, eliminating some of the snow in at the bottom of the photo.

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